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Additive Analyser

Since founded in 1996 as Juam Trade Co., Ltd., we have manufactured plating facilities and auxiliary facilities such as vibrating barrel, rectifier and filter based on exclusive technology and long-year accumulated technology. In addition, entering the new millennium, JP Technology Co., Ltd. is becoming a world's premier steel manufacturer by striving incessant management innovation and technology development. We set many world records such as construction and commissioning speed, production amount for the first year, and seamless logistics realization with our accumulated technological knowledge. JP Technology Co., Ltd. is well on its way to become the most fully integrated plating manufacturer in the world. JP Technology Co., Ltd. is willing to take a role in domestic and international industrial development as well as in improving the quality of your life by improving the standard of living and protecting our natural environment. Thank you.



│ Description│

Using Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping(CVS), investigating the organic additive regularly.



│ Feature│

  • QL10

    15-position turntable tray and 10-position sample holder.
    Maintenance-free reference electrode.
    Smart procedures with self-optimized parameters.
    Optimizing new plating processes.
    Optimizing developing new formulations.
    Determination of organic additives, inorganic components
    and contaminations in electroplating.

  • QLC5000

    Automatic sampling and control of up to four plating tanks. PC based controller provides easy update capabilities.
    An easy-to-use menu driven user interface.
    Approved procedures for all major chemistry suppliers.
    Stand alone system can be connected to any plating tool.
    Results are continuously validated with standards.
    Serial output for remote communication with plating tool.
    Maintenance-free electrodes.
    Self-diagnosis, self-calibration and automatic rinsing procedures.

    Electroless,immersion baths for Cu,Sn,Sn-Pb,Pb,Ni,Ag,Cr,
    as well as Al anodizing solutions and cleaners.


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